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Category: Tips

Depth of Field

Basically we can explain the depth of field AS, The zone of acceptable sharpness within a photo that will appear in focus. In every picture there is a certain area of your image in front of, and behind the suject that will appear in focus. This zone will vary from photo to photo. Some images may have very small zones of focus which is called shallow depth of field. Others may have a very large zone of focus which is called deep depth of...

Difference between DSLR & SLR

Basicaly we can explain it like this for beginners , # SLR refers to a camera with a single lens and a reflex mirror to bend the light path to the optical viewfinder for framing. A DSLR is a digital SLR meaning it has a digital sensor to record images. Digital SLR 's have may advantages compared to their film counter...

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a mixture of many other photographic genres, It incorporates, portraiture, family, and group photography, documentary, boudoir, event and close-up images. Perhaps it even incorporates landscapes, this is especially true if the location is particularly beautiful or important. WHAT IS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY | photographers This is probably one of the most stressfull area's to bea photographer. If you accidentally delete the...

Crop Frame & Full Frame

When it comes to sensor sizes, the two terms most used to classify them are "full frame" and "crop sensor", the term "full frame" Refers to a sensor size that has the same dimensions as the 35mm film format. Why is 35mm format considered to be the standed or a "full frame"? Well, the 35mm film format has been the standard in film gauge since 1909 due to its balance in cost and image quality and has stuck ever since. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FULL FRAME...

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